According our CEO, Mr. Marcos Grecco, Brazil is Latin America’s largest renewable energy market. The country presents one of the greatest commitments to renewable energy, and continued investment is expected in solar, wind, and hydropower capacity growth.


With approximately 76% of its electricity from renewable resources, Brazils energy matrix shows wind and hydropower as major sources in its expansion, with a new focus on solar energy development next – provided Brazil creates an encouraging framework to parallel its competitivity compared wind power.

According to Bloomberg, until 2040 over US$ 10 trillion should be invested in new energy generation projects worldwide, where over US$ 7 Trillion will be destined to solar and wind power. With solar energy implementation costs expected to deflate approximately 66% by then, Mr. Marcos Grecco believe that solar energy is poised to be on the leading edge of these investments.


Stable, long term cash flows are what make an asset an attractive investment, and that is what the governments energy planning agencies aim to provide. In a joint effort of MME (Ministry of Mines and Energy), ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency), EPE (Energy Research Agency), and CCEE (Electric Energy Commerce Chamber), the main authorities in energy regulation, Brazil has become one of the most robust and diversified energy investment environments.


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