Marcos Antonio Grecco Solar Energy in Brazil

Investing in Solar Energy in Brazil by Marcos Antonio Grecco

Marcos Antonio Grecco is the founder of GNPW Group.

Since 2005 the Brazilian government provides private companies the opportunity to sell energy in the long term regulated market, where not one, but practically all utility companies take a stake as off-takers in 15 to 30-year power purchase agreements.
This PPA, according Mr. Marcos Grecco, becomes one powerful diversified instrument to generate predictable cash-flow (over 30 private and state-owned companies, with sovereign guarantees from the government for each one). 
Along with solar energy’s low operational risk, Brazil’s high solar resource – almost twofold greater than leading solar energy countries, such as
Germany and Spain. And tax and tariff incentives from the government, Brazil is providing a backdrop for extremely interesting solar generation investment opportunities, with surprising risk-adjusted returns expected from highly predictable cash flows.
In the path of solar energy growth in Brazil, the GNPW Group has been developing approximately 1GW of solar projects. In addition to the projects that the group currently holds in the area of gas with thermoelectric projects associated with LNG terminals operated with FSRU. We expect that in the next 5 years we will have a portfolio of more than 5GW in energy projects in Brazil, informs the CEO of the GNPW Group, Mr. Marcos Grecco

Marcos Antonio Grecco

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