Mini solar photovoltaic power plants in Altos and Campo Maior will be managed by GNPW Group

Mini solar photovoltaic power plants in Altos and Campo Maior will be managed by GNPW Group

The cities of Altos and Campo Maior, located in the north of Piauí, will receive mini solar photovoltaic plants through a public-private partnership (PPP). It is estimated that these two units, one in each city, produce more than 1.3 million kilowatt-hours per month, reducing operating costs with electricity in the state.

In addition, it is expected that the structure supervised by the Regulatory Agency (Suparc) Superintendence of Partnerships and Concessions of the Government of the State of Piauí will generate jobs and income for the municipality and bring a positive impact on the local economy. Altos will provide services to the National Administrative Secretariat (Sead) and Campo Maior to the National Health Secretariat (Sesapi). The perspective is that operationalization will start in 2022.

For Viviane Moura, head of PPP Piauí, she intends to visit the areas where the mini photovoltaic solar energy plants in Piauí will be built. “It’s a clean, renewable energy that significantly reduces carbon emissions. We are in a sunny area, so we must convert this wealth into social development and energy. This wealth will be converted into savings for public coffers and will reduce the impact on the biome,” he pointed out.

The two mini photovoltaic plants will be managed by the SPE (Concessionaire), whose main shareholder is GNPW Participações SA, which has already developed more than 7GW of energy generation projects in Brazil. “Our work plan to start generating energy starts in September. We are carrying out preliminary soil surveys, hydrological surveys among others. By the end of August 2022 we will start generating energy for the system. Simply put, we can say that generation uses a highly available source, which is solar energy. We use photovoltaic panels that convert solar energy into electricity and then inject it into the system. We are taking advantage of something abundant in a sustainable way”, explains Dealership Director Elizeu Campos.



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