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Conheça 4 fontes de bioenergia

Discover 4 sources of bioenergy

Bioenergy is energy created from biomass that can be used both for the production of electricity and for the generation of heat and biofuels. Biomass is organic matter that can be of animal or plant origin. In other words, bioenergy can be generated from several sources, each of which has different characteristics and efficiency.
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Consumo de energia elétrica aumenta no Brasil

Electricity consumption increases in Brazil

With the resumption of activities in the post-pandemic period, there was an increase in electricity consumption in Brazil. Mainly, the beverage, food and service sectors were responsible for the 1.4% increase compared to the same period last year. According to the CCEE survey, in the first half of 2022, the country consumed an average of 66.02 MW of electricity.
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A importância da transição energética na segurança do setor de energia

The importance of the energy transition in the security of the energy sector

Since the beginning of Russia's attacks on Ukraine in February 2022, the energy issue has been on the agenda, showing the urgency of accelerating the global energy transition, especially in the case of European countries. With the sanctions imposed on Russia, there was a shortage of Russian oil and gas, bringing global consequences from an economic point of view. In other words, the increase in the price of gasoline and its derivatives, regardless of whether the fuel is of Russian origin or not, has had an impact on the value of all products transported by road.
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