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Qual o futuro das usinas nucleares?

What is the future of nuclear power plants?

In Brazil, there are only two nuclear power plants, Angra 1 and Angra 2, which are responsible for producing 3% of the energy consumed in the country. Angra 3 is still under construction and has more than 60% of the work done, but at the moment the work is at a standstill.
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How can Brazil prevent further blackouts?

Those who analyze the Brazilian energy market today, do not imagine that in the recent past, blackouts were part of the routine of Brazilians. Although today the scenario is very different from that of 2001, some regions of the country still suffer from poor management of the energy sector, as happened recently in Amapá.
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Consumo de energia elétrica: como reduzir?

Electricity consumption: how to reduce?

How to reduce electricity consumption? According to a survey conducted by Sebrae, costs such as electricity within a company can be up to 20%. The value is high and shows how important it is to find alternatives that reduce consumption and, consequently, expenses.
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What are the benefits of solar energy?

Saving on the energy bill is one of the main benefits of solar energy. However, this source also has other advantages. Look! Do you know all the benefits of solar energy? Although this energy alternative has many advantages, in Brazil, its representation is only 1.7% of the entire energy matrix.
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