Energy transition in Brazil: a path to a sustainable future

transicao energetica no brasil

Brazil, with its vast territorial extension and wealth in natural resources, is uniquely positioned to lead the energy transition in Latin America. This transition, which involves switching from non-renewable to renewable energy sources, is more than a global trend – it is an urgent need.

The current scenario

Historically, Brazil has depended heavily on hydroelectricity, which represents a significant part of its energy matrix. However, with climate change causing more frequent and intense dry spells, the reliability of this energy source has been questioned. Furthermore, dependence on fossil fuels such as oil is still significant.

The potential of renewable energies

Brazil has immense potential to explore other sources of renewable energy. Solar energy, for example, is a viable option, considering the country’s tropical climate. The Northeast and Central-West regions, with high solar incidence, can become centers for solar energy generation. With photovoltaic technology advancing rapidly, the costs of installing solar panels have decreased, making solar energy an increasingly affordable alternative. Furthermore, solar energy does not emit pollutants, significantly contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Wind energy has also shown impressive growth. With vast coastal areas and consistent winds, Brazil has the potential to become one of the largest wind energy producers in the world.

Challenges and opportunities

The energy transition is not without challenges. Investments in infrastructure, research and development are essential. Furthermore, it is crucial to create public policies that encourage the adoption of renewable energy and discourage the use of fossil fuels.

However, the opportunities outweigh the challenges. In addition to the environmental benefits, the energy transition can generate jobs, boost the economy and place Brazil at the forefront of energy innovation.


The energy transition in Brazil is more than a necessity; It’s an opportunity. By embracing renewable energy, especially solar, and investing in innovation, Brazil can not only ensure a sustainable energy future, but also play a leading role on the global stage.


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