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Lei PONTE e PATEN: fundamentos para a sustentabilidade energética do Brasil

PONTE and PATEN Law: foundations for energy sustainability in Brazil

The path to energy sustainability is paved by innovation and proactive legislation. In Brazil, this path takes on definitive contours with the processing of Bill (PL) No. 327 of 2021, known as the National Energy Transition Policy (PONTE), and the attached PL No. 5,174/2023, which establishes the Energy Acceleration Program Energy Transition (PATEN)
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Brasil alcança recorde na redução de carbono com energia limpa em uma década

Brazil achieves record carbon reduction with clean energy in a decade

In the Brazilian energy scenario, the year 2023 marked a historic turning point, characterized by the lowest rate of carbon emissions in electrical generation in the last eleven years. This achievement not only highlights Brazil's commitment to global environmental goals, but also highlights the growing influence of renewable sources in the national energy matrix. Driven by a diversified generation model, the country managed to reach a surprising rate, where 93% of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources, including hydroelectric, wind, solar and biomass.
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Estado atual da matriz energética brasileira

Current state of the Brazilian energy matrix

The Brazilian energy market, particularly with regard to renewable energy, represents a field of constant evolution and significant importance. Brazil, recognized for its predominantly renewable energy matrix, has shown a strong and growing commitment to sustainability and energy transition initiatives. This article aims to explore and elucidate the current dynamics, challenges and future perspectives of the renewable energy sector in Brazil.
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Mercado de energia no Brasil em 2023

Energy market in Brazil in 2023

The energy market in Brazil has undergone a remarkable evolution in 2023, driven by a mix of favorable government policies, technological advances and a growing interest in clean and renewable energy sources.
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Os Leilões de Energia no Brasil: Oportunidades de Crescimento e Expansão

Energy Auctions in Brazil: Opportunities for Growth and Expansion

The recent trajectory of energy auctions in Brazil illustrates a panorama of significant opportunities and robust expansion in the energy sector. Under the aegis of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the country is witnessing a series of initiatives that reinforce its commitment to the energy transition, the diversification of the energy matrix and sustainable development.
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