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Estado atual da matriz energética brasileira

Current state of the Brazilian energy matrix

The Brazilian energy market, particularly with regard to renewable energy, represents a field of constant evolution and significant importance. Brazil, recognized for its predominantly renewable energy matrix, has shown a strong and growing commitment to sustainability and energy transition initiatives. This article aims to explore and elucidate the current dynamics, challenges and future perspectives of the renewable energy sector in Brazil.
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Mercado de energia no Brasil em 2023

Energy market in Brazil in 2023

The energy market in Brazil has undergone a remarkable evolution in 2023, driven by a mix of favorable government policies, technological advances and a growing interest in clean and renewable energy sources.
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GNPW está contribuindo significativamente para a transição energética

The importance of the Energy Transition

Energy transition is crucial to achieving a more sustainable future, as it seeks to change the energy matrix to renewable sources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring the country's energy security. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), energy transition is one of the main measures to combat climate change and ensure a more sustainable future.
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Consumo de energia elétrica aumenta no Brasil

Electricity consumption increases in Brazil

With the resumption of activities in the post-pandemic period, there was an increase in electricity consumption in Brazil. Mainly, the beverage, food and service sectors were responsible for the 1.4% increase compared to the same period last year. According to the CCEE survey, in the first half of 2022, the country consumed an average of 66.02 MW of electricity.
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Como é formada a matriz elétrica brasileira?

How is the Brazilian electrical matrix formed?

Initially, it is essential to understand the difference between energy matrix and electrical matrix. The first covers all sources available in a country, state or the world that meet the demand for total energy generation. The second consists only of the set of sources available to generate electricity, whether for homes, industries or other institutions.
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A importância do gás natural na transição energética

The importance of natural gas in the energy transition

How important is natural gas in the energy transition? The change in the energy matrix of countries is already a reality. However, each nation opts for sources that are more interesting for the domestic scenario of their countries. In this sense, Brazil has specific challenges in the application of natural gas in this process, ranging from marketing issues to infrastructure and logistics regulation.
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O Brasil e a emissão dos gases do efeito estufa

Brazil and the emission of greenhouse gases

Unfortunately, Brazil has not had a good position in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. While other countries had a reduction of almost 7% with the effects of the pandemic, our country increased this rate by 9.5%. Of the five sectors of the economy that account for the totality of emissions in the country: three increased (agriculture, waste and land use change), one remained stable (industrial processes) and one declined (energy).
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