Electricity consumption: how to reduce?

Consumo de energia elétrica: como reduzir?

Companies and large industries have high expenses with the consumption of electricity. Understand how to calculate and see how to reduce!

How to reduce electricity consumption? According to a survey conducted by Sebrae, costs such as electricity within a company can be up to 20%. The value is high and shows how important it is to find alternatives that reduce consumption and, consequently, expenses.

Cost reduction is essential to improve the pricing of products and services and make the business more profitable, increasing competitiveness. Thus, the consumption of electricity is one of the items that can make a difference, especially in large industries and companies.

How is electrical energy calculated?

The energy tariff is composed of five factors: generation, distribution, transmission, losses and charges. Instituto Acende Brasil compared the data prepared by Global Petrol Prices and found that, in a ranking of 110 countries, energy in Brazil is 37th most expensive in the world at a cost of US $ 0.18 per Kwh.

Electric sector subsidies also contribute to the composition of the energy bill. In the amount of the electricity bill, a portion is charged for consumption and another for taxes. The account is as follows:

Total = (Consumo [KWh] x tarifa de consumo [R$/KWh]) x 1/1-Tributo (PIS/Cofins e ICMS)

For example: If a company has a consumption of 4,000KWh, with a 18% tax and a tariff of R $ 0.60 / KWh, the bill will be on average R $ 6,000. Thus, the first step in reducing energy consumption is to understand how it is calculated. Now that this part is already clear, it is necessary to understand the possibilities for reduction.

With changes in habits and adjustments, it is possible to reduce costs with the consumption of electricity. Here are some tips.

1. Make employees aware

The first step, and one of the simplest, is employee awareness. Educate employees so that the economy is part of their habits. First, it is important to have a meeting explaining the necessary changes and to talk about the reduction goals. In addition, incentives such as awards for sectors that save the most can be a way of stimulating the economy. With everyone’s engagement, big changes are possible.

2. Use equipment with A seal

It is essential to guide the purchasing sector to purchase only high performance equipment and Procel A seal from Inmetro. In large companies and industries, equipment is largely responsible for most energy expenditures, so investing in good equipment is synonymous with long-term savings. In addition, preventive maintenance and replacement of parts also help to reduce consumption.

3. Invest in renewable energy

Finally, one of the alternatives that has gained adherence in recent years is the investment in solar energy systems. This option, in addition to bringing financial advantages, also encourages the use of sustainable alternatives.

With distributed generation, companies can generate energy in a solar farm, whether owned or outsourced, and write off credits in other units, to reduce the bill. Although the initial investment is high, the savings generated in the long term, pays the costs invested.

Therefore, the consumption of electricity in companies need not be a source of problems. With organization and planning, it is possible to promote reductions and opt for new alternatives, such as solar energy. Did you like the content? If you still have any questions on the topic, leave your comment in the post!


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