What are the benefits of solar energy?

Saving on the energy bill is one of the main benefits of solar energy. However, this source also has other advantages. Look!

Do you know all the benefits of solar energy? Although this energy alternative has many advantages, in Brazil, its representation is only 1.7% of the entire energy matrix.

Of this percentage, 72.6% of the amount is for domestic use, followed by commerce and services companies with 17.99% and 6.25% for rural solar energy. Thus, it is clear that this sustainable source is a great investment option and has ample scope for growth in the coming years.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy refers to energy from light and heat emanating from the sun. It can be used in several systems, such as solar heating, solar photovoltaic energy, heliothermic energy, among others. This source is renewable and sustainable and has gained great support and investment in recent years.

Solar technologies can be characterized as active or passive, depending on how they capture and convert solar energy. In the photovoltaic solar energy system, energy generation occurs when sunlight is captured by solar panels and transformed into electrical current for use in homes and businesses.

4 benefits of solar energy

Know the advantages of solar energy and know why this energy source is constantly growing.
1. It is a sustainable and renewable energy source
Because it comes from a totally clean source – the sun – this energy is considered sustainable. As its production does not emit any type of polluting gas, it is a viable alternative for reducing CO2. In addition, its availability is infinite, that is, renewable energy and that must be one of the biggest sources used by future generations.

2. Easy to install and low maintenance model
Unlike other sources of energy, such as wind and hydro, this source is completely silent. The panels do not make noise while generating energy and the installation of the systems does not negatively impact nature. The solar energy system is relatively simple, like panels and inverters and has few moving parts. Thus, there is no mechanical wear and tear that could increase the number of maintenance over the years.

3. Long service life
After installation, the panels need only annual cleaning and they have a useful life of 25 years. Therefore, even if the acquisition and installation costs are high, in the long run, these values ​​will be recovered with the savings made.

strong>4. Promotes savings for the user
After installing a solar energy system, it is possible to generate 100% of the energy you consume and this can mean a reduction of up to 95% in the energy bill. That is, this option is advantageous for both home and business use. In addition, in recent years, investments in the area have grown and technological developments are making systems increasingly accessible.

Thus, we can conclude that there are several benefits of solar energy. Another highlight is that even in the pandemic, the sector grew 45% in the first half and generated 47 thousand new jobs, being an important lever for the recovery of the Brazilian economy.

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