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Bioeconomia: Impulsionando o Futuro da Energia Limpa e Sustentável

Bioeconomy: Driving the Future of Clean and Sustainable Energy

The bioeconomy is based on the sustainable use of biological resources to develop products and services that reduce dependence on non-renewable resources. This economic model integrates practices from agriculture, forestry, fishing, and aquaculture with technological advances to create a value chain that respects natural cycles and promotes biodiversity. One of the pillars of the bioeconomy […]
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A Transição Energética: O Caminho para um Futuro Sustentável

Energy Transition: The Path to a Sustainable and Clean Future

Energy transition is one of the most pressing discussions on the global agenda due to growing climate concerns. This process involves shifting from fossil fuel-based energy sources, such as oil, natural gas, and coal, to renewable sources, including solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass, aiming for a cleaner and more sustainable energy matrix.
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Lei PONTE e PATEN: fundamentos para a sustentabilidade energética do Brasil

PONTE and PATEN Law: foundations for energy sustainability in Brazil

The path to energy sustainability is paved by innovation and proactive legislation. In Brazil, this path takes on definitive contours with the processing of Bill (PL) No. 327 of 2021, known as the National Energy Transition Policy (PONTE), and the attached PL No. 5,174/2023, which establishes the Energy Acceleration Program Energy Transition (PATEN)
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