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combustível derivado de resíduos

RDF: understand what refuse-derived fuel is!

Do you know what waste fuel is? The CDR is a fuel derived from materials that cannot be used in the biodigestion process, and are used to feed industrial ovens. This type of garbage is crushed in specific machines, managing to reuse everything that is neither organic nor recyclable.
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Energy Market Outlook for 2021

What are the prospects for the energy market for 2021?

The pandemic that struck the world in 2020 imposed severe restrictions to contain the increase in infection caused by the coronavirus and had a significant impact on the energy market. With the lockdown in several countries, fuel sales decreased, as did consumption, which caused factories and industries to decrease production. In Brazil, industrial production decreased 18% in April 2020.
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O que é energia de reserva

Do you know what reserve energy is?

The reserve energy was created in order to complement the quantity contracted in the regulated environment (ACR). The sources are complementary to the hydraulic regime, being used largely when water is scarce. Thus, the plants contracted to generate reserve energy operate on the basis of SIN generation, contributing to always have an idle capacity that can be used in case of increased demand. Understand better by reading the content to the end.
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How can Brazil prevent further blackouts?

Those who analyze the Brazilian energy market today, do not imagine that in the recent past, blackouts were part of the routine of Brazilians. Although today the scenario is very different from that of 2001, some regions of the country still suffer from poor management of the energy sector, as happened recently in Amapá.
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What is the low carbon economy?

The low carbon economy aims to reduce impacts on the environment and at the same time promote the development of countries. One of the pillars of this change is the search for the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with the expansion of the use of clean energy and cost attribution to the impacts generated by the emission of polluting gases with carbon credit.
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