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O Marco Legal da Geração Distribuída foi sancionado

The Distributed Generation Legal Framework was sanctioned

On 01/07, Bill No. 5,829/2019 was enacted, establishing the Legal Framework for Distributed Generation. The Distributed Generation (DG) was standardized for the first time in Brazil in 2012 by ANEEL. In this model, Brazilian consumers can generate their own electricity from renewable sources or qualified cogeneration. You can even supply the surplus to your local distribution network.
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Incentivo ao biogás e biometano: entenda o marco legal

Incentive to biogas and biomethane: understand the legal framework

Bill 3865/2021 aims to encourage actions to encourage biogas and biomethane with the creation of the Incentive Program for the Production and Use of Biogas, Biomethane and Associated By-products (PIBB). The project was proposed by deputy Arnaldo Jardim, who is vice president of the Parliamentary Front for Renewable Energy. The proposal came a day after Brazil joined the Global Commitment on Methane, which provides for a 30% cut in emissions by 2030. Thus, the approval of the project would be one of the necessary steps for the country to be able to decarbonize the sectors and curb the global warming.
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Biogás e biometano: um panorama geral

Biogas and biomethane: an overview

The potential for generating biogas and biomethane in Brazil is great, but it is still little explored. These gases can be produced from garbage, swine and cattle manure and sewage, but there is still little government investment in the area. The highlight goes to some private projects that have been standing out in some regions.
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urban waste (MSW)

What are solid urban waste (MSW)?

Residues are different from waste, as the first can be used in its original form or transformed for a new purpose. The second, however, has no possibility of reuse and needs to be disposed of in the best possible way for the environment.
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