Green Hydrogen: the new energy frontier

Green Hydrogen, also known as H2V, has emerged as one of the most promising solutions to global energy challenges. But what exactly is Green Hydrogen, and why is it garnering so much attention?

Introduction to Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen is a form of clean energy, produced from renewable sources. Unlike traditional hydrogen, which is often derived from fossil fuels, Green Hydrogen is produced using electricity generated by renewable sources, such as solar or wind energy, to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through a process called electrolysis. The result is a clean and sustainable fuel that can be used in a variety of applications, from powering vehicles to providing energy for industries.

International Event in Ceará

Recently, the Event Center of Ceará, in Fortaleza, became the epicenter of discussions about this new energy matrix. The FIEC Summit 2023, an initiative that brought together academia, the productive sector, public power, and society, focused on the Green Hydrogen agenda and its relevance in the global energy scenario.

The event, organized by significant sector entities, aimed not only to discuss the possibilities and challenges of Green Hydrogen but also to foster business and update society on the ongoing energy transition.

During the summit, various research projects and academic works related to H2V were presented. These works covered varied topics, from the production and storage of hydrogen to its distribution, certification, and safety.

Brazil and Green Hydrogen

Brazil, especially the Northeast region, has stood out in discussions about Green Hydrogen. Thanks to its abundance of renewable sources and strategic location, the country has the potential to become a significant player in the international market for Green Hydrogen production and export.

Ceará, in particular, has been highlighted due to its integration with significant international ports, facilitating export logistics. Moreover, the state has been actively working on consolidating public policies related to Green Hydrogen, significantly contributing to the development of the national regulatory framework.


Green Hydrogen represents a unique opportunity for the world to address the energy challenges of the 21st century. With events like the FIEC Summit 2023, it’s clear that Brazil, and especially Ceará, are at the forefront of this energy revolution, ready to play a crucial role in the future of Green Hydrogen.


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