We design and manage
Solar Power Generation Parks in Brazil
The GNPW Group® Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation system
is custom-designed generating financial savings
and increasing socio-environmental awareness.

Projects and installations of cogeneration and electric energy generation plants, energy efficiency and energy solutions with alternative sources.

Solar Energy

Free Energy



Rio Poti Energia, a company of the GNPW group for renewable energy generation

Holder of the concession for two photovoltaic plants under construction in the State of Piauí, in the municipalities of Altos and Campo Maior, totaling 10MW of installed capacity. Rio Poti Energia invests in the development of sustainable and environmentally responsible generation projects. The two plants in the State of Piauí do not emit polluting gases and have low maintenance costs, adding savings in energy consumption contracts under the Public Private Partnership

We develop business and special projects in the area of ​​energy, alternative fuel logistics

Biomass power generation is attracting attention as a clean energy that can reduce the carbon dioxide emission coefficient and is also a stable method of power generation.

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