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Energia Solar e Hidrogênio Verde: Os Motores da Nova Economia Energética Brasileira

Solar Energy and Green Hydrogen: The Engines of the New Brazilian Energy Economy

Brazil's energy sector is transitioning towards electrification and green hydrogen, projected to infuse R$2.2 trillion into the economy by 2050. Lowered solar panel costs and an anticipated demand for additional photovoltaic systems point towards an energy evolution. Despite challenges, with right investments and policies, Brazil could emerge as a global leader in this new energy era.
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Green hydrogen: driving sustainability and economic growth in the electricity sector

Green hydrogen is essential for the decarbonization of the Brazilian energy sector. With significant production potential, Brazil has been investing in research and development since 2002. Programs like the National Hydrogen Program (PNH2) aim to mobilize public and private sectors to create a competitive market. Brazil has natural advantages and needs appropriate policies to maintain competitiveness and create new opportunities. International cooperation and the development of advanced technologies are crucial for the success of green hydrogen in the country.
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Carros elétricos: quais as vantagens desse modelo

Electric cars: what are the advantages of this model?

When it comes to energy transition, electric cars quickly appear in the conversation. This solution is one of the alternatives to help in the decarbonization of the transport sector. Countries like China, Norway and now the United States — in 2022, Joe Biden, President of the USA, launched the goal of reaching 2030 with half of all new cars sold in the country electrified
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