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Como desenvolver o mercado regulado de carbono do Brasil?

How to develop Brazil’s regulated carbon market?

The debate on climate change has stimulated several countries to seek measures to stop this advance and, in Brazil, it was no different. Therefore, the regulated carbon market was created in the country with the intention of developing initiatives to mitigate emissions.
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Conheça 4 fontes de bioenergia

Discover 4 sources of bioenergy

Bioenergy is energy created from biomass that can be used both for the production of electricity and for the generation of heat and biofuels. Biomass is organic matter that can be of animal or plant origin. In other words, bioenergy can be generated from several sources, each of which has different characteristics and efficiency.
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Geração Distribuída cresce no mercado das distribuidoras

Distributed Generation grows in the distributor market

In the last ten years, distributed generation has developed in Brazil, including in the distributor market. Since 2012, with ANEEL Normative Resolution No. 482/2012, Brazilian consumers can generate their own electricity from renewable sources or qualified cogeneration, and can also supply the surplus generated to the distribution network.
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