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Brasil no G20: liderando a revolução verde global

Brazil at the G20: leading the global green revolution

Brazil assumed the rotating Presidency of the group of the 20 largest economies in the world in December 2023, with the main objective of highlighting the transition to sustainable energy sources, promoting reforms in the global governance model and intensifying efforts in the fight against inequality and hunger.
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A transição energética: substituindo o diesel por energias renováveis

The energy transition: replacing diesel with renewable energy

In the current context, replacing diesel with renewable energy sources is an urgent need and an opportunity to mitigate the effects of climate change. Diesel, a fossil fuel, is a major emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs), contributing significantly to global warming. The transition to renewable energy is, therefore, a strategic action to reduce GHG emissions and move towards a more sustainable and ecological economy.
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Energia Limpa e Responsabilidade Corporativa: Moldando o Futuro da Energia no Brasil

Clean Energy and Corporate Responsibility: Shaping the Future of Energy in Brazil

In a world increasingly aware of climate change and the environmental impacts of human activities, the transition to clean and sustainable energy has become a global priority. Institutions such as the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have emphasized the need for a swift and comprehensive energy transition to mitigate the effects of climate change and promote sustainable development.
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GNPW, Os desafios da transição energética brasileira

The challenges of the Brazilian energy transition

A new study developed by the Brazilian Center for International Relations (Cebri), the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), the Energy Research Company (EPE), and the Center for Energy and Environmental Economics (Cenergia) outlined a complex but promising pathway for Brazil's energy transition to carbon neutrality by 2050.
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como a energia solar é fundamental para enfrentar as mudanças climáticas e garantir um futuro mais sustentável.

Decarbonization: Towards a Solar Future

Decarbonization and energy transition are essential to tackle climate change. Solar energy is one of the main alternatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and it is crucial to invest in public policies and incentives to accelerate this change.
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Green hydrogen: driving sustainability and economic growth in the electricity sector

Green hydrogen is essential for the decarbonization of the Brazilian energy sector. With significant production potential, Brazil has been investing in research and development since 2002. Programs like the National Hydrogen Program (PNH2) aim to mobilize public and private sectors to create a competitive market. Brazil has natural advantages and needs appropriate policies to maintain competitiveness and create new opportunities. International cooperation and the development of advanced technologies are crucial for the success of green hydrogen in the country.
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