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LNG and the global market

LNG and the global market: understand the prospects!

If natural gas was previously seen as a hindrance that made oil exploration more expensive, today this resource has been valued and has gained market share. With the advent of methane tankers 20 years ago, the popularity of LNG has increased, enabling this resource to become a major global opportunity.
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O futuro do GNL no país

What is the future of LNG in the country?

The LNG market has evolved with technological innovations, opening up new investment opportunities. Understand how the resource is exploited in the country. What is the future of LNG in Brazil? Natural gas will be the main transition fuel for the low carbon economy, as it is the fossil fuel that emits the least amount of […]
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O papel do GNL na Matriz Energética

The role of LNG in the energy matrix of Brazil!

It is estimated that the LNG supply could increase by 40% by 2030 in Brazil, reaching 1.75 million m3 / day. Understand better! Liquefied natural gas (LNG) has a fundamental role in the Brazilian energy matrix. Although its use is still small compared to other sources, the pre-salt discoveries, government incentives and the opening of […]
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