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Energia renovável a partir do biogás impulsiona a transição energética sustentável no Brasil

Renewable energy from biogas drives the sustainable energy transition in Brazil

Biogas is a source of renewable energy generated from the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter, such as agricultural waste, animal waste, urban organic waste and industrial effluents. This biological process, carried out by microorganisms, produces a mixture of gases, predominantly methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Biogas can be used to generate electricity, heat or be refined to become biomethane, a direct substitute for fossil natural gas.
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Bioeconomia: Impulsionando o Futuro da Energia Limpa e Sustentável

Bioeconomy: Driving the Future of Clean and Sustainable Energy

The bioeconomy is based on the sustainable use of biological resources to develop products and services that reduce dependence on non-renewable resources. This economic model integrates practices from agriculture, forestry, fishing, and aquaculture with technological advances to create a value chain that respects natural cycles and promotes biodiversity. One of the pillars of the bioeconomy […]
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Brasil alcança recorde na redução de carbono com energia limpa em uma década

Brazil achieves record carbon reduction with clean energy in a decade

In the Brazilian energy scenario, the year 2023 marked a historic turning point, characterized by the lowest rate of carbon emissions in electrical generation in the last eleven years. This achievement not only highlights Brazil's commitment to global environmental goals, but also highlights the growing influence of renewable sources in the national energy matrix. Driven by a diversified generation model, the country managed to reach a surprising rate, where 93% of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources, including hydroelectric, wind, solar and biomass.
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Liderança em biocombustíveis e crescimento de energias renováveis

Leadership in biofuels and growth in renewable energy

In 2023, Brazil reaffirmed its leadership position in renewable energy, especially in the biofuels sector, being a global model of sustainability and innovation. This article explores the country's recent achievements, highlighting its crucial role in the global transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy.
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Estado atual da matriz energética brasileira

Current state of the Brazilian energy matrix

The Brazilian energy market, particularly with regard to renewable energy, represents a field of constant evolution and significant importance. Brazil, recognized for its predominantly renewable energy matrix, has shown a strong and growing commitment to sustainability and energy transition initiatives. This article aims to explore and elucidate the current dynamics, challenges and future perspectives of the renewable energy sector in Brazil.
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A transição energética: substituindo o diesel por energias renováveis

The energy transition: replacing diesel with renewable energy

In the current context, replacing diesel with renewable energy sources is an urgent need and an opportunity to mitigate the effects of climate change. Diesel, a fossil fuel, is a major emitter of greenhouse gases (GHGs), contributing significantly to global warming. The transition to renewable energy is, therefore, a strategic action to reduce GHG emissions and move towards a more sustainable and ecological economy.
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