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The generation of biomass energy is attracting attention as a clean energy that can reduce the carbon dioxide emission coefficient and is also a stable method of generating energy.
Mercado global de carbono: entenda o principal avanço da COP 26

Global carbon market: understand the main advance of COP 26

The carbon market emerged in 1997, at COP 3, in Japan. It was with the Kyoto Protocol that the first rules for regulated markets and the permission to create voluntary markets were instituted. Since then, countries have joined the market and created their own initiatives.
Energia eólica: Brasil atinge a sexta posição no ranking!

Wind energy: Brazil reaches the sixth position in the ranking!

The country set a record for expanding installed wind power capacity in 2021, according to federal government data. The source already represents 11% of the Brazilian energy matrix, constituting about 20 GW of installed power. With the increase, Brazil took the sixth position in the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) ranking of total installed capacity of onshore wind energy, in 2021.