Distributed Generation
Benefits that this modality can provide to the electrical system
Organic material transformed into energy
Clean Energy
We design and manage solar power generation parks in Brazil.
Free Energy Market
Solar Energy
Distributed Generation

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The generation of biomass energy is attracting attention as a clean energy that can reduce the carbon dioxide emission coefficient and is also a stable method of generating energy.

What are the benefits of solar energy?

Saving on the energy bill is one of the main benefits of solar energy. However, this source also has other advantages. Look! Do you know all the benefits of solar energy? Although this energy alternative has many advantages, in Brazil, its representation is only 1.7% of the entire energy matrix.
LNG and the global market

LNG and the global market: understand the prospects!

If natural gas was previously seen as a hindrance that made oil exploration more expensive, today this resource has been valued and has gained market share. With the advent of methane tankers 20 years ago, the popularity of LNG has increased, enabling this resource to become a major global opportunity.