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The generation of biomass energy is attracting attention as a clean energy that can reduce the carbon dioxide emission coefficient and is also a stable method of generating energy.
Entenda as oportunidades do setor de energia com crise hídrica

Understand the opportunities in the energy sector with a water crisis

With the water crisis, new opportunities in the energy sector emerged. If before the crisis, the most advantageous energy model was that of hydroelectric power plants, the lack of rain that caused the historic drought and, consequently, the rise in tariffs, meant that other options began to be considered in energy generation.
A estagnação da eficiência energética no Brasil

The stagnation of energy efficiency in Brazil

In the current scenario in the country, understanding what energy efficiency is is important to identify opportunities for optimization from generation to consumption. In times of water and energy crisis, these actions help to reduce costs, maintain supply and reduce waste, which also contributes to the environment. Thus, energy efficiency aims to optimize the use of energy sources to reduce costs and collaborate with the environment. That is, carry out the same processes using fewer resources.
Leilão de capacidade: Aneel aprova certame para dezembro

Capacity auction: Aneel approves event for December

On November 16, the board of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) approved the tender for the 2021 capacity reserve auction. The event is scheduled for December 21 and will focus on contracting thermoelectric plants.