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The generation of biomass energy is attracting attention as a clean energy that can reduce the carbon dioxide emission coefficient and is also a stable method of generating energy.
Qual a diferença entre biogás e o biometano?

What is the difference between biogas and biomethane?

With the increase in adherence and the search for renewable sources, biomass has grown and developed in the Brazilian energy market. In this sense, biogas and biomethane are also highlighted. But what is the difference between them?
Energia renovável: o que você precisa saber?

Renewable energy: what do you need to know?

The discourse on the use of renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels has gained strength in recent times, mainly due to the climate crisis. In addition, non-renewable energy sources, such as oil and its derivatives, are finite resources that took millions of years to become available.
Qual o contexto do mercado de crédito de carbono no Brasil?

What is the context of the carbon credit market in Brazil?

The carbon market emerged from the creation of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), during ECO-92, in Rio de Janeiro. The creation of the market arose from the need to find ways to decarbonize economies, transforming good results into credits.