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Framework Agreement Ceremony for the LNG Supply of TPP Porto de Sergipe I

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This Wednesday (27) Golar GNPW took part in the signature ceremony of its framework agreement for LNG supply with ExxonMobil for TPP Porto de Sergipe I. With installed capacity of 1,5GW, the project amounted 78,9% of all the energy contracted in the A-5 auction of April 2015.

Among the people who attended the event was the Governor of Sergipe, Jackson Barreto, Rob Franklin, President of ExxonMobil Gas and Power Marketing Company, Vice President Richard Guerrant, Gary Smith CEO of Golar Management, and others.

“This project firms the potential of Sergipe to supply energy to the rest of the country. Despite the fact that the project will not be finished during my term as governor, it will have already started, will be very well structured and generating results for our state and for our country. It’s a big step for the future of our generations, an innovation for the state of Sergipe, creating jobs, work and happiness for my people. From de governments side, it will be given all the support and transparency in our relations.”, said Jackson Barreto in his speech.


GNPW Projects Authorized to Bid A-5 2016 Power Auction

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This Wednesday (13) the Official Union Journal released the definitions of “physical guarantee” amounts of energy from Thermal Power Plants for the 2016 A-5 Power Auction that will provide energy power to be delivered starting 2021.

Within these, three projects developed by GNPW are authorized to bid based on economic merit, which are TPP Amapá GNPW, coal-fired, TPP Governador Marcelo Deda and TPP Laranjeiras I, both powered by natural gas.

The auction is scheduled to take place April 29th.

More information about the auction may be found at EPE website.

Union Official Journal nº 70 Section 1

Golar GNPW Brasil and ExxonMobil sign Framework Agreement for LNG Supply

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Golar GNPW Brasil Paticipações S.A. (“Golar GNPW”), a joint venture between GNPW Participações S.A. and LNG Power Limited today announced that it has signed a framework agreement with ExxonMobil Titan LNG Ltd for the supply of LNG to the natural gas fired power generation project in the Brazilian state of Sergipe.

The agreement stablishes a framework for LNG to be supplied exclusively from ExxonMobil for Porto de Sergipe project and its expansions.

This framework is a significant step for energy investments in Brazil.

Source: Golar LNG