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A-5 auction hires 14 plants and ensures investments of R$ 6 billion in the country

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A-5 auction hires 14 plants and ensures investments of R$ 6 billion in the country


The A-5 Energy Auction, held 30 of April 2015, hired 1,973 megawatts of installed capacity from 14 projects.

The result ensures power delivery starting in January 2020 and will mean investments of nearly R$ 6 billion in the country. In all, the auction generated R $ 67.4 billion in contracts.

The natural gas thermal power plant will have over 1500 MW capacity and will be installed at the Port of Sergipe, with estimated cost of R $ 3.2 billion. The fuel which will be used is LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

For the president of the Energy Research Company – EPE, Mauricio Tolmasquim, the event was a success:

“Hiring thermal power is critical to bring security to the Brazilian electrical system,” said Tolmasquim, noting that in the case of thermal project in Sergipe will also include the construction of a regasification terminal in the Port of Sergipe. “The regasification plant is important for the country, which already has other Petrobras terminals in Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Ceará. For the electricity sector, the LNG plant is complementary when you have hydropower”, he said.

Source: EPE


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R e l e v a n t   F a c t

  GPE Sergipe consortium consisting of GNPW Participações SA and Electricity of Brazil SA – eBrasil, hereby announces the signing of UTE Porto de Sergipe I venture, on the 21st. New Energy Auction (A-5), held on 04.30.2015 by the National Electric Energy Agency – ANEEL and the Electricity Company – EPE.


It is an enterprise with an installed capacity of 1515.64 MW, located in Santo Amaro das Brotas, in the state of Sergipe, which will generate 2,500 direct jobs up to the start of operations planned for the 1st. quarter of 2020. It will have an operational phase of 25 years, when it will employ up to 200 people for its operation.


The enabled project was developed considering the fulfillment of several key aspects of competitiveness in the new energy auction, especially environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, technological innovation and safety, with the Consortium GPE Sergipe hopes to contribute to government efforts towards the improvement of the Brazilian energy matrix.


In the future, besides the expansion of natural gas generation in the state of Sergipe, the portfolio of the Consortium GPE Sergipe contemplates implementing projects from alternative sources in northeast and north areas, promoting local industry through renewable energy generation.


Consortium GPE Sergipe