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ANEEL authorizes CCEE to operate auctions for an indefinite period

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The Board of ANEEL decided during a Public Meeting to delegate indefinitely to the Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber (CCEE) the operationalization of the auctions for generation and sale of electricity in the Regulated Contracting Environment (ACR). The current delegation expires on 12/31/14 and had to be renewed.


In its decision, the Agency found that the indefinite term will bring greater stability and security and enable continuous improvements in systems used in the structure and logistics, as well as contributing to the improvement of efficiency in contracting in the electricity sector.


Since the establishment of the new business model of the electricity sector in 2004, CCEE, based on successive delegations from ANEEL, has operated 54 auctions to buy and sell energy in the ACR, in its distinct modalities (New Energy Auction, Existing Energy , Reserve Energy, Alternative Sources, and Adjustment and Structuring Projects, these with partial participation), eight of which were performed in closed environment and 46 in open environment (Internet).


Source: ANEEL

Over a thousand projects registered for the A-5/2014 Auction

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Over a thousand projects have registered with the Energy Research Company (EPE) for the A-5/2014 Auction, which will trade electricity for delivery starting from 2019.


In all, the A-5 auction received request for registration of 1,115 projects, totaling 53,869 MW, which will still undergo the qualification phase. The auction, which will trade electricity for delivery from 2019, will be held on November 28.


Source: EPE


MME postpones A-5 Auction to November 28

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The Ministry of Mines and Energy changed the date of the Auction to Purchase Electricity from new generation projects, the A-5 auction 2014. The new date is November 28.


The change was motivated by the scheduled conclusion of prior licensing of hydroelectric plants totaling more than 460 MW of power, as well as the interest of wind power for this opportunity for selling power starting 2019, reinforcing the goal to maintain a clean and renewable energy matrix.


– Ordinance: Portaria MME 458

– Source: EPE