Business Units

The GNPW GROUP has three business units.

Marcos Antonio Grecco


Business unit focused on asset management Thermal Power Generation.

Developer of the winning projects in the auctions: 3 A-2005, A-3 2006 5 A-2007, A-3 and A-2008 5 2008
Consultancy and intermediation in the supply of natural gas, HFO and Diesel powered generator sets, alternative energy system for industries, large shopping centers, and mining lease type “BOT” and special projects
Portfolio with several projects in development for “Auctions Availability” in the Commercialization Regulated Market
It is a company in the group in charge of developing new projects for power generation through natural gas thermoelectric power plants.

We are currently developing projects totaling over 2.5 GW of installed capacity expected to participate in the next new energy auctions.

Our differentials are:

Expertise in implementation and operation of power generation projects

Capacity Investment

Know how in the market fuel and energy

Experience in logistics fuel

Technical development in cogeneration projects and energy efficiency

Competence in Tax Planning and Environmental Law


Is the company responsible for participation in new business through partnerships and acquisitions of Projects.


highly qualified management team;

Technical coordination team with experience of over 40 years, having worked on several projects for small, medium and large sizes

Contracting of several suppliers, and capacity to develop numerous projects simultaneously.

Specializing in infrastructure, education and environmental licensing process modeling in obtaining tax incentives